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Discover property finance solutions to fund your vision with Ocian.
Who We Help

There are no gaps with Ocian, it is streamlined and focused on getting all stakeholders to the finish line. Everything was managed professionally, concluded without delay, and was on more competitive terms than we could have achieved ourselves.

- Con Haralambis, Principal
Haralambis Group

Ocian provide an efficient and competitive debt outcome that also provides us with the flexibility to deliver our projects to optimise development profit.

- David Allen, Principal
DA Properties

Ocian bring a deep understanding of property finance, access to a wide network of capital providers, and significant transactional experience to every conversation.

- Stewart Nettleton, Director
Newquest Property

Ocian drove every step of the process including the tender, negotiation, documentation, conditions precedent and the complex legal process. Ocian went over and above to ensure we met our deadline. We were extremely happy to have worked with Ocian and now highly recommend them.

- Glenn Piper, Managing Director
Pyco Group & Meridian Australia
As experts in property development and investment finance, we’ll craft a financial strategy to accelerate your project pipeline and maximise your investment returns.

From new acquisitions to financial restructuring, we customise our solutions to deliver optimum outcomes.

Good Hands
As your independent capital arranger, we’ll navigate lenders and investors to secure your finance so you can focus on what's most important – your project.
Capital Connections
Our comprehensive solutions leverage an extended network of financiers and property industry connections to deliver timely access to the capital you need.
Flexible Finance
Even the best-laid plans meet challenges. Our bespoke solutions consider the full scope of your project, to offer flexible financial arrangements that cover any eventuality.
Proven Results
Ocian’s track record speaks for itself with our clients reaping the benefits of great returns, many of whom have returned to us with multiple new opportunities.

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